JJ”s Yummy Orange Juice

Orange juice

This Orange Juice is so good. I made this for my family and they all loved it! I like it because the orange taste is very good, but there is a little taste of lemon. I hope you enjoy!

Ingredients:                                                                   Serves 4 people. 

  • 10 small oranges (We used cuties. If you only have big oranges, use 5).
  • 3 tbsp of water
  • 3 tsp of Xylitol (a natural sweetener) or sugar
orange juice
JJ is still learning how to smile! 😉







How to make it:

Peel all your oranges, break them apart, and put them in your blender. If you want to you can taste the oranges to make sure they are extra good. (because you get a bad orange every now and then). Add the water, then blend it until it’s smooth. Add the Xylitol and blend it again. Keep in the fridge until it’s cold, then enjoy!orange juice

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