Glitter Painting Gift

My glitter painting!
My glitter painting!

I love to work with glitter and paint, so I decided to combine them into a glitter painting and give it away as a Christmas gift.  The painting can be of anything, and I chose a reindeer. It is great for a teacher,  a parent, a friend, or you. My choir teacher, Ms. Sandy, loves sparkles, and I came up with this idea for her. It is super easy, and it doesn’t take a long time either. Make sure to ask an adult for permission to do this project.  All you need is…

  • A white canvas
  • Glitter (Color of your choice. I used gold).
  • Acrylic paint, color of your choice (optional…I used it to cover up my eraser marks)
  • White Glue
  • A Paintbrush
  • A Pencil

Draw an outline of the animal or shape you want with pencil on the canvas. Get your paint brush, choose a small section of the animal, then “paint” with a thin layer of glue. Sprinkle with sparkles. Be sure the sparkles pile up, and you will shake the excess off later. Make sure the section is completely covered. After that, fold a piece of paper in half crosswise, and shake your canvas over that. The sparkles should all be in the crease. This makes it way easier to get the sparkles back into the container.

Continue to paint and glitter small sections until the whole animal is covered.  Feel free to use different colors of glitter for different parts of your drawing.  I used gold for most of the reindeer, and silver inside his ears.

Then, take your acrylic paint and paint gently in small outward strokes around the animal.  I like to use the wide, flat kind of paintbrush for this part.  The benefit of painting around the edges of your drawing is that you will cover up any mistakes or eraser marks that are there.  Plus, it looks pretty cool!

See how I made a border of paint around the deer.
See how I made a border of paint around the deer.

Once you’ve finished putting glitter on your main animal or shape, then painting around it, you can add an ornament or other small adornment (maybe a heart) to write “To” and “From” on, or just for an extra decoration if the painting is for you.  Use paint to make the extra shape, and a sharpie if you want to write on it.  Make sure the paint is dry before you write on it.

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