Fun Fashion and Hair/Picture Ideas

Hello all fashion lovers! I am doing a post where I show you an outfit and how to do the hair style. I will also be sharing a few photo ideas that you can take with any outfit! The reason I am even doing a fashion post is because I want to give YOU some ideas! (Not to show off). Also, I got inspired by Bethany Mota to do this. Click here to go on her channel. (Don’t worry, it’s completely safe)! I am dedicating this post to her. Also, I dedicate this to my cousin, Sarai. Thanks to her, we got some great pictures! Lets get into outfits now that we’re done with introductions.

The first outfit:



Dress: Forever 21. I love the dress because it’s only 13 dollars, and it is really pretty!

Bow: Forever 21.

Boots: Payless Shoe Store.

For the hair:

My cousin took a curling iron and did wavy/normal curls, then pulled a piece of hair back and held it there with the bow. (If you don’t know how to do this ask your mom. Oh, and always ask your mom to use the curling iron)! 😉

Next outfit:


Shirt: Justice

Shorts: Walmart

Shoes: Well, I don’t think you could get them, because I got them from a tiny shop in Ventura by the beach.

Hair: I just used the waves from the day before and pulled my hair back with the bow again. A braid would work well with the outfit, though.


Picture inspiration:

Picture Inspiration
Black and white really stands out! This one’s my favorite.


Blurry sometimes is good…

Cute picture

Cute picture
Would you like a flower?
All 4 of us.
picture idea
Oh my gosh this is so cute!
Javan got a bit carried away… He wanted me to add this though.
sleeping beauty
Ok, the sparkle is not photoshopped. The camera was doing weird things, but it worked great for our “Sleeping Beauty” theme!


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