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These Dogsicles are a great “after walk” dog treat to help cool down your pup! Cody, our dog, loved and devoured them. If your dog doesn’t like normal treats, or they’re too expensive, these are perfect for you. this recipe includes things you would normally find in your kitchen.  Make a bunch of them, and save them in the freezer.  They’ll last a long time!  The recipe is very simple, and fun to make for your cute puppy dog!

Cody definitely approves of these dog treats.  One day he laid down, right in the middle of our walk!  He was so happy to eat these dogsicles when we finally got home!

You will need:

  • 1 Muffin Tin
  • Chicken Broth (enough to fill your muffin pan).
  • Peanutbutter (you can also use SunButter if you are allergic to peanuts).
  • Doggie Kibble of Choice
  • A Freezer, of course!

Put the kibble and SunButter in your muffin pan. Then pour your chicken broth in with it. Put it in the freezer, and let it set up for a few hours!  Serve frozen treats to your sweet pup after you’ve worn him out.  You may need an actual kid popsicle for yourself, too, just so he doesn’t feel lonely as he eats his.

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Dog Treats
Happy Doggy!!!!


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