Elf Hat Gift Jar

Gift jar
The Candy Cane Forest!

I enjoy giving gifts to my friends and family this time of year, but usually the “something” I want for my Mom, Dad, etc. is too expensive. That’s why I try to make stuff instead. That way, I only have to get affordable supplies. I’ve always thought gifts you’ve made are way more special! In this post I will be showing you how to make simple gifts that look like hats worn by the character, Buddy, from the movie, Elf. (I bet all of you are familiar with THAT one)!

Here’s what you need to make 1:

Place your template on the felt, and make sure the whole template is placed on the felt. Trace it with a sharpie, then cut out the shape. Make it into a cone shape. This may take a few tries. Glue edges together once you are happy with the shape. Press firmly to set.

Gift jar
See how I used different shades of green.

While that’s drying, pour the candies in the jar. Close tightly. Very carefully, put glue around the rim of the jar, then place the cone on the glued rim. Once dry, glue yellow ribbon around the rim to mark where to open the jar. Glue the puff ball on the top of the hat if you want. Give to a friend or family member!


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