Christmas Candleholders

Christmas Candleholder

This idea is from “The Goudas” (JJ and Caleb).  Here’s what they have to say about it:

It’s fun to light candles at Christmas.  These candle holders are really simple, cozy, and fun to make.  Mommy likes that you don’t get messy when you make them.  JJ likes that you don’t get any wax on your fingers.

The possibilities for Christmas Candle Holders are endless, because you can put on whichever stickers you want to.  Caleb likes using sock monkey stickers, and JJ likes using gingerbread houses and snowflakes.

Christmas Candleholder
Caleb set up the candleholder with snow he made in the blender and Santa.

Here’s what you need to make these candleholders:

Put the stickers on the outside of the glass container.  Put the candle inside the glass container.  Ask an adult to help you light the candle.  Make sure to light them on a stormy day!  If you’re having a fancy meal you can set the candleholders in the middle of the table or at each person’s seat.  You can also use them as gifts for your friends and family!

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Christmas Candle Holder
JJ set up “JJ’s Wonderland” with the candleholders and extra tea lights.

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