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Hi, and welcome to Creativity Corner!  We are the Kingsley Kids and we designed this website to share our ideas about crafts, food, and fun with you.  This site is by kids, for kids!  We are Christian, so some of our ideas will reflect our faith in Jesus.  Even if you do not share our faith, though, we think you’ll enjoy this site!  Let’s be creative together!!!

Make sure to ask an adult for permission before you try out our ideas…just to be safe!  If you like this site, you can also ask an adult to sign up for our email list.  

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First, we’d like to introduce ourselves!


Creativity corner

I’m Emily.  I’m 12 years old, and I love crafts, Jesus, dogs, photography, texting my friends, and drawing.  I will be posting lots of DIY crafts, practical projects, and baking ideas.

Hi, I'm Javan!

I am Javan, and I’m 10 years old. I love building things, so crafts are fun for me. Some of my favorite things to build are Legos, K’nex, and origami.  I’m excited to share my ideas with you!

JJ and Caleb

This is Caleb (left) and JJ (right).  They are called the Gouda’s, because they speak “Minion” quite well.  Caleb is 8 and JJ is 6.  Caleb loves to create healthy snack ideas that are fun for kids to make and eat.  He also loves to paint.  JJ is a huge fan of trains and tracks.  He also loves to color pictures.

Well, enough with the introductions, let’s get started having fun!


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