A Day in the Life of Cody (A book by Emily & Cody)

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Hi! This is Emily and Cody the dog. We have been working on a book, and I would like to share it with you. Hope you like it!

A Day in the Life of Cody: 1 Meet Cody


This story is about a big, black, dog named Cody. He can be somewhat of a doofus sometimes. It all started when Cody’s future mom looked on Facebook and saw the cutest picture ever! It was of Cody and Cody’s owner wrote:

“This doggie needs a home. We are moving to an apartment and Cody is too big to go.”

Cody’s owner had another dog at that time, but she was smaller. Well, Cody’s future mom (Tiffany), wrote back:

“We’ve been looking for a dog, but our house we rent doesn’t allow pets.”

They had been looking for another house anyway.  Then she had an idea. Her brother was an expert dog trainer. Seriously, Javan, Cody’s future human brother, could walk Tiffany’s brother’s huge black lab when he was two! The only problem was that her brother lives in North Dakota. Unfortunately, her brother, (James) had cancer. Fortunately, he was in California being treated, and needed a doggie friend. Tiffany, her husband Jim, Cody’s future sister Emily, and his three future brothers, Javan, Caleb, and JJ, all went to visit him. They fell in love with him right away. Cody is a real dog and the people in this book are real too. It all worked out, James trained him, they found a new house, and this is where the story begins…

A year later-

Chapter one: Cody’s morning

Creak. The door opens. I, Cody tiredly open my eyes. My Emily just woke up and opened the door. I groan, I stayed up late last night hunting for bunnies. I didn’t catch anything though. My Emily hears me groan and coaxed:

“Oh, hi Cody, come on, let’s go.”

I get up and stretch. I run down the stairs and go lay on the clean  laundry. This is way comfier than my super thin bed. I need a new bed, and my bed budget is pretty decent. This is like way off the list. At least it’s soft. Wait, my Javan’s talking:

“So, who’s going to feed Cody?”

Yes that’s the word, food. Anything like Treats, balls, walk, and the magic word, food. I L.O.V.E. my food. L stand for liver. O stands for Oh yes, this tastes go- ood. V stands for _____ E stands for Eat. Hey, wait a second! They all replied,

“Not me!”

Right at that moment I see someone, Mom! I go up to her and complain:

“Mom, Mom! I need my food, please, please, please, please…”

“Stop it Cody! Get!”

I put my tail under my legs and sulk away.

“Javan, can you feed the dog, please? Cody is getting in my face.”

“Ok.” He pouted.

“Yes my Javan, feed me.” I declare. “Javan? My Javan?” He doesn’t seem to understand me. All he’s doing is pushing me out of his face. Finally, he’s feeding me. Ah, yes, that beautiful sound of food clinking against the bowl. My Javan walks over to the kitchen. I excitedly follow him. He muttered sit, and I sit. I remember my uncle, James who taught me that word. I remember walking next to him, then him commanding me to sit.

“Cody, Cody!”

Oh yeah, my food. I’m supposed to look at people when they say that. After I eat, I go to lay down again. Then, my JJ squeaks a ball.


“Come on Cody!” He calls.

He throws the ball. I run after it, then get it. I don’t immediately bring it back to him, although I know I’m supposed to. I run around the room while JJ tries to tag me. I run into the game room, then run back into the living room. JJ laughed and called me. I prance towards him squeaking my ball. He throws it again, and we play a bit more. After that, I run to the door, Caleb lets me out, and I take off for the early morning hunting patrol. This consists of bunnies, ants, and a few crickets. Crickets are hard to find by myself. I remember when Javan, Caleb, JJ, and my cousins London and Westin lifted a doormat up, and there were literally about 20 crickets. I ate most of them alive, but the kids helped smash them. That was a good moment. Crickets are a rare treat. I trot around the yard and look for any signs of life. Well, you know what they say, “the early dog gets the squirrel.” I walk around a few more times. I sense something. Suddenly, I see a little gray body streak up a tree. SQUIRREL! I try to sneak up on it because can reach it. Snap! A twig breaks. I duck behind a bush so it doesn’t see me. I jump up and try to get it. It saw me. Slowly, like it was taunting me, up creeped further up the tree. Not funny!

“I will get you another day!” I yell to the squirrel.

There is a park we like to go to with lots of little critters. I almost caught a squirrel, but mom stopped me with the leash. I actually broke my collar, but the squirrel went down it’s hole. Too bad that collar was not actually broken. Apparently I had just “unbuckled” it… I can’t believe the squirrel didn’t come out of its hole again. I mean, I even tried talking to it! Who wouldn’t want to be eaten by me? It would be so honorable. All of the sudden, something distracts me. My eyes go over to the bushes. I hear little ant voices:

“Hup two three four, hup two three four…”

I run over to the bushes, I jump into them, and start pawing the ants. CAWK! I feel something drop on me. It’s one of those seed pod things the wild parrots love. CAWK!!! I look up. My ears shoot up. PARROTS!!

Chapter two: Parrots, Lizards, and doggie beds

For years I’ve been trying to catch these parrots. All they do is CAWK at me and I don’t like it! I’ve tried everything! If only I could fly. But I can’t! Well I won’t give up! CAWK!

“Ow! Stop dropping stuff on me!”

I jump up, that didn’t do anything.

“Wait, I got an idea!”


“Ow, stop it!”

I jump on the tree. Some of those bad parrots fly away.

“In your face parrots!”

CAWK, CAWK, RAWK! Oh no! A whole flock of parrots! Reinforcements! Oh that’s better. Some went into the tree next door. I’ve heard there’s another dog over there.

“Yip, yip, whine!”

Yep, but definitely way smaller than me. SWOOP! A parrot dives down and TOUCHES me! Nooo!!! Who cares about little dogs! I should have been paying attention! I seriously need to try flying. Well, here it goes. I jump on top of the jacuzzi and get ready to jump. Three, two, one… Wow, I’m flying! This is so amazing, kids you should really try thi- splat! I land hard on my paws. That was so embarrassing! I’m never doing that again. I hear the door open, oh, it’s Emily. She has helped me with the parrot problem a few times.

“Are the parrots mocking you?”  She laughs in a baby voice.

She won’t understand me if I talk, so I whine and jump up at the parrots.

“They are? Ok.”

She grabs a few pebbles and throws them into the tree. All of the parrots fly out.  Revenge! I run at all the frightened parrots flying away. Go away and never return! I’m panting. I run to my bowl and start lapping at the cool, fresh, water. I happily go inside. I run upstairs to my brother’s room. They have a big window to the front of the house. I love going up there and looking for anything that might be interesting.

“Cody! Come here! Want to go on a walk?”

“WHAT, A WALK!” “GUYS, WE GET TO GO ON A WALK!!!!” I shout as I excitedly dash down the stairs with my ears flopping.

Mom buckles my collar on.

“I want to go out first mom!” I nag as I try to go out the door first.

“Hey, Cody, back.” She demands.

“MOM! But, but!”

Right as I’m complaining she walks in front of me. I forgot she couldn’t understand me. Oh well.

“Where are we going this time?” JJ asks.

“Around the neighborhood to Newport.” Emily replies as we cross the street.


I wag my tail when we stop at a corner. I have seen a cat here before. I sniff the air. No cats today. We walk a little bit more. It’s a hot day. The kids stop to drink water. Ooh, look! A shady patch of grass the leash is long enough to get to. I walk over and flop down. The kids laugh.

“Cody!” JJ laughs.

“What? I’m tired too.”

They pour some water in the water bottles cap, and give it to me. Ahhhh. Nice cold water. I get up. Here’s Newport.

“It’s a busy street, be careful.” Mom warns.

When we get home, I run to my water bowl, drink it all gone, and go outside. I sniff the ground. It clearly declares: Lizards were here.

“Yes! I knew it!”

Rustle, rustle. What’s that? I see a tannish brownish body slither through the bushes. Is that a lizard?

“Cody! Come here! We have a surprise for you!”

“What is it mom!”

“Cody look!” The kids shout excitedly as the point to a big lump on the floor.

They lead me over to stand on it. Emily exclaims:

“Cody, lay down.”

I lay down. Wait, is this a new bed?! It’s soft. It’s thick and squishy.

“Do you like your new bed?” Javan asks.


I shout as I do a little puppy happy dance.

“It’s like a foot thick!”

“It’s your birthday today!” JJ adds.

“YAY!” Wait, what’s a birthday? Oh, whatever. “Thanks guys!”

I run to the door again. Is that lizard still there? I stomp through the bushes. Lizard, where are you? “Rustle” LIZARD! I have to get you! I track it by smell. Hmm, across the bushes, up the tree, into the shrub, down the shrub, AND THERE IT IS. I have to hold myself back from running. I stalk it through the grass. It sees me. I run at it. I pounce… And miss it by an inch! Oops. There goes my snack. Too bad. I was looking forward to that. Is there anything else? I sniff the air, nothing. I trot around the yard a bit. Ooh! A sunny patch of concrete. I go and lay down. The sun feels good. After I sunbathe for a while, I go back inside and lay down on my new bed.

Chapter Three: What’s That Red Dot?

I’m really tired. I recall my day. I wake up, I lay on the laundry, the morning patrol, parrots, the walk, a new fluffy bed, it’s my birthday (whatever that is), that lizard, it looked tasty, sunbathing, and here I am. It’s about 5:30. I hear a key jiggling in the lock.

“Dads home!!!”

The door opens. I run to him and sniff him. Hmm… Smells like… Wires! And a bit of another person. Must be part of his electrician job.

“Hi.” He greets mom.

“I brought you kids a laser.”

“YAY!!” The kids shout.

What’s a laser? I wonder. Emily is holding a shiny cylinder thingy. Suddenly, a red dot hits the floor. My ears go up.

“Who and what are you? Friend or foe?”

It did not respond, but instead it moved across the room!  I run after it. Now it’s back at the other side of the room! This is hard prey. Here is my famous quote (maybe not too famous, but you get the point.) Here it is: Only I am the predator. I will not let any prey escape. Now it’s going down to the game room! ZOOM! SCREECH! Whoa! Almost slid into the wall! Now it’s going around in circles! I’m really getting dizzy! But I must get it!

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! HALT! IN THE NAME OF PUPPY!”

The dot stopped, this is my chance! I pounce. It jumps on my paw! Wow, this guy’s good! I try to pounce again.


“Emily, it’s my turn!” Javan commands.


I keep chasing the dot until I can’t chase anymore. That red dot keeps trying to provoke me. While I’m lapping at my water, it swims around. While I lay down for a rest, it climbs on me.

“Stop red dot!” I bark as I snap at it ferociously

I decide to ignore it. The kids seem to get impatient with my enemy. They shut it in a drawer. Ahhh, finally some rest. Ooh, what’s that smell? I start following my nose to the kitchen, my favorite place in the house! “Beef…. I smell…. Beef…. Oh yes…. I hear the angels singing…. The beef…. Is cooking….”

“Cody, get! No beef for you! No begging either!” Mom snaps.

I put my tail under my legs. I know what “get” means. It means, get out of the room and go somewhere else. I stop at the stairs leading down to the game room. I turn my head back longingly…


Come on! Wait! I need a plan. Let’s see, JJ or Emily might not eat all of it, and maybe Mom will leave it for a while, then I can eat it. All I have to do is wait…

10 minutes later:

“I hate waiting!!!”

30 minutes later:

“Is mom EVER going to leave the beef?!

An hour later:

Sigh. They’re going to eat it all, and I’ll be stuck with plain, old, kibble, again. I should try to fly again! Suddenly, that image flashes through my head. Um, no. I’m not going to fly ever again. It, it, it was just, so embarrassing! Ok, I need a plan. Let’s see. I need to distract mom. I should… Sneak. No, not just sneak. I need to… do something. An evil grin comes across my face. I’m going to have some fun with our fountain. I “sneak” over to the inside fountain. Slowly, I move the pipe that pours into the fountain. Water spills everywhere! I bark to make sure mom sees.

“Cody, what’s wro…?”

Mom peeks over a wall and stops short in her sentence.

“Bad dog!”

Yes I’m very bad aren’t I? No time to waste! I “sneak” over to the kitchen. Yum… I love this beef… Oh yeah… Yum…


Oh no, I got to go NOW. Yikes mom is mad!


Ok mom… I go lay down in the game room. Mom is talking to the kids, now eating the rest of the beef I hadn’t touched. Why is dad taking a video? Humans are weird.

“Ok guys. We have a small bandana here that won’t fit Cody. What can we do with it?”

“Get a stuffed animal for it!” shouts JJ.

“Put it on Kira?” asks Caleb.

Yeah, no. Absolutely no. We are not putting that, that thing on Kira. She’s my favorite Jack Russel ever. Even a brave dog like me hates those. Okay, back to reality.

“What if we got another dog?”

Chapter 4: Mixed Feelings

Woah, woah, WOAH! Wait, what?! Another d-dog? I’ll have to s-share everything l-like my b-b-bed and my f-food? I hate sharing! Okay, think positive. Maybe I can get it to do stuff like distract mom while I get beef. Or maybe it will like mom and guard me from the beef! Oh no! I bet mom will use it as her bodyguard. This is not a great day. I want to go sleep again. I can’t though, the kids are jumping up and down yelling happily. I have no idea why they want a bodyguard for mom.

“Cody you got a friend!” They exclaimed.

Friend? I don’t think so. Enemy is what I’m thinking. If it lays in my bed I’ll lay in its bed. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Problem solved. Sharing… Let’s see. Maybe I… Don’t share? How do I do that? I don’t really know what sharing is that much, but I know it’s something that involves a little thing stealing a bigger thing’s thing and the bigger thing letting the little thing steal that thing… right? That was really confusing. Oh well. I am not gonna share!

“We are going to go to the animal shelter tomorrow because it’s Saturday and try to find a new dog!” Says mom to the excited kids.

Tomorrow! What! I expected to have like, a last day of peace or something, but TOMORROW? I need to have a little fresh air. I run to the door whining so they’ll let me out immediately. Oh, that feels good. I look forward to night time because other bigger critters come out of their nests. I actually once caught a skunk. One day I almost got a bunny, but it slipped away. I like this one bush that is like a big dome, so I can go inside it. A lot of things hang out in there. I eat a few ants, then go and look under a mat for some crickets. Chirp chirp chirp. Yes! Only one. I wonder if the little one will like hunting. What if I only catch one thing? Will he steal it? Ok, I need to stop thinking about that and eat this cricket. I pounce and snatch it up into my mouth. Mmmm… So crunchy. I wonder what the little one will look like. I hope he is white or cream colored. Those are my favorite. I could also see him in the dark. Or maybe I want him to be the color black because I will teach him how to hunt if he likes hunting. Or maybe I want him to be white or cream colored if he is mom’s servant. I would be able to see him better but being white or cream colored is a disadvantage if you’re hunting. Well, I guess I don’t really care… Maybe a mix… Light brown? I should keep my mind on more important things. I hated what that parrot did to me. It just swooped down and actually had the nerve to touch me. I wish a skunk could do that. They smell so good! It’s getting cold so I go inside. I hope all the dogs have a doggie meeting tonight. It’s where we leave messages for each other on what happened that month. Only the best dogs are in it. I’m in it. I love hearing about what other dogs have had happened to them. It’s so nice to know you’re not alone. For example, when Claire the poodle got dyed pink. I felt so bad for her. Or when Chester saw a cat’s owner giving it a bath. He gave us a paw by paw re-play. That was hilarious. Another time my friend Buddy went to the beach. He told me about the never ending expanse of water and the walls of water that would form and crash onto this type of ground that was partly solid and partly not… Yeah, that place sounds weird. Once, my friend Max moved away. I was so depressed. I would talk with him all the time. Me and my cousin Zubie have awesome times together. She sent me a message last month.

Now I am going to bed. I hope I dream of that food filled land again. The trees were made of bacon, the rivers were made of chicken broth, the clouds were made of salmon skin, and the grass was made of beef shreds. Goodnight.

Chapter 5: In the dream world

I dream I’m in space.

“Woah! Why am I floating?” I ask.

“You are in my kingdom! Muahaha!” Says a voice off to the side of me.

“Who’s there?” Who are you?”

How do you move in this place. Ooh, a round thing! I want to play with it. It’s all blue and green and HUGE! Wait, I hear that voice again.

“Are you trying to get to earth? That’s impossible without a spaceship. Mom sent me to get you away from the beef! I’m the one in the spaceship!”


“Cody, CODY! Stop whining in your sleep. I’m trying to sleep myself.” Emily groaned.

Oh thank you Emily for waking me up. That was a horrible dream. I hope I don’t dream about that again. Well, goodnight.

I dream I’m with a small, white, dog. Wait, is that my new brother? We are both stalking a bunny in my backyard. This is great! He starts forward.

“No, stop! Not yet!” I whisper urgently.

“Ok. Thank you Cody. I don’t really know how to do this.” The little dog backs up a bit.

“Watch me.”

I creep up on the bunny. A little tail twitch from me tells the little dog to sneak up behind it and get it when I chase the bunny to him. I run forward when the little one is ready. The bunny runs right into his mouth. We did it! My brother is great! Suddenly the dream changes. I am running away from a giant bunny with my brother! Yikes! Look out brother! The bunny almost gets him. I pick him up by the scruff of his neck like a puppy and carry him to safety in a little notch in the wall. The bunny runs past. Whew. That was too close. Bunnies are so scary *cough cough* I mean… so bad!

“Are you ok brother?”

“Yip…” My brother says feebly.

He slowly gets up and starts to bark loudly.

“Shush! The bunny is still looking for us!” I whisper, frantically trying to get him to be quiet.

We start looking around for an exit. My brother motions to me. He found a button! Let’s press it. Woah! We are in another room with… With…     W-w-with… Millions of squirrels! I faint because I have never been so lucky before in my life of hunting. I wake up to a little tongue in my face. Thanks brother for waking me up! Now, it’s time to hunt!

I wake up in the morning and think about my amazing dream. So many squirrels! Wow. Just wow. Emily is waking up.

“Cody we get to get you a brother!” She skips downstairs and I slowly follow her, dreading the day mom makes beef again. I won’t get any! I really hope brother is not a beef hog. I walk downstairs to lots of happy people. We all get in the car. I’m scared. I have no idea what my brother will look like, smell like, (yes he must smell like a proper dog.) or what he will sound like. I hate high pitched doggie voices. I really hope he is a white chiwawa, because those are my favorite. They are so cute! Here we are, at the shelter. Wait! I. Smell. Bunnies. Not normal bunnies though. Bunnies that are in… Cages! I will not be able to eat them! The smell of metal is horrible to my nose. I hate the smell of bunnies combined with metal. Why oh why! Now they are chaining me up to the fence. I get put into a crate! Am I getting exchanged? What did I do to deserve this? I see them looking at other dogs.

“Help me!”

I bark as loud as I can but they don’t even glance my way. I see them pick up a white fluffy dog. I’m being replaced by that? I feel so humiliated. I whine and shrink against the wall in my crate. Someone walks over in my area.

“Help me please!” I bark at them.

They jump and walk the other way. Maybe I overdid that. I am going to stay in here for the rest of my life! Maybe… I will… never… come… out… what if my brother hates me? Will he be a mom dog? I am so scared. Look, Emily is coming!

“Hi Cody! You’re a good boy. Are you ready to meet your brother? We need to see if you get along.”

An employee omes and brings me over to the large enclosed area where my brother is. She brings me over to the gate and lets me in. As soon as I see my brother I instantly love him. He is so adorable! I think I will teach him how to hunt lizards! He would be perfect. I hope he can wrestle. I will go easy, of course. The employee lets me free. I start running, but then I pause, unsure if I want to do this. Suddenly, my brother runs up to me, and all those bad feelings melt away.

Chapter 6: My New Brother

I run up to him and do The Doggie Dance. He touches me with his nose then runs away. He wants to play… tag? I love my brother! He is so awesome. I chase after him happily and gently wrestle him down. He tries to get up and run away, but I tag him and now he’s it! We play for a few more minutes and then he goes and flops down on the ground. I join him, panting. We go over to a water bowl and drink thirstily. Caleb walks over with a toy and throws it. Oh I see, this is a competition! I run as fast as I can then grab the toy. Cassel (apparently that’s my brothers name) runs past me then turns around to try and jump on me. Nice try brother. I give the toy to him being the nice dog I am.

Too soon, it’s time to go. We get into the car, and my new brother Cassel falls asleep on Caleb’s lap. He was so tired, it was really cute. We had to wake him up though when we stopped by “Treat Heaven!” I don’t know why the kids call it “Petco…” What are pets? I have no idea what a “Co” is too. Oh well. This proves dogs are much smarter than humans. Treat Heaven is the real name. (No, Cassel. A Co is not a type of bird!) We walk in, and a heavenly scent beckons me. Hamsters to the left, dog food to the right, treats behind me, and crickets in front of me! This is amazing.

“What is this place?”

“Cassel, this is Treat Heaven. The kids call it Petco but what’s a pet?”

“I don’t know brother, sorry.”

“I don’t know either, so it’s all good. Anyways, this place is where mom gets our treats and food! They also get us squeaky round shaped things and the soft things we sleep in.”

“Wow! This Treat Heaven is great! Can I get a soft thing?”

“I can’t ask them because they aren’t intelligent enough to understand dog-speak. They will probably get you one though.

“That’s why the people at the other place we just left wouldn’t do what I want! Speaking of that place, when are we going back? I’m having so much fun.”

“Cassel, you aren’t going back there. I’m your brother. You live with me now. You will stay with us forever and have fun for a long time.”

“Really? Do you have a nice living place? Do you have a big soft fluffy thing? Can we share?”

“Yes, yes, and…” I took a deep breath. “Yes.”

When we drove home, I thought about how lucky I was, and how great the last day was. Cody out.

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